Game 124: Pre-Game Notes

6:30 PM — Not a whole lot for you right now.  According to Tony Franklin, Abe Almonte’s hamstring(s) has been a recurring issue and they’re going to shut him down for 7-10 days.  Franklin did not at all infer this, but it wouldn’t shock me if he was done for the year.  The Yankees are real cautious with injuries, and given that this is a recurring thing and a hamstring…you might not see him again this season.

Along with Mike Drago, I spent about 10 minutes with likely Eastern League MVP Darin Ruf as well.  You’ll see that when the awards come out…

4:25 PM — I got lineups…

Thunder lineup: Pirela DH, Garcia CF, Z Almonte RF, Maruszak SS, Mahoney 3B, Murphy C, Segedin LF, Gil 1B, Ibarra 2B, Marshall P

Reading lineup: Gillies CF, Asche 3B, Ruf LF, Tripp DH, Joseph C, Abreu 2B, Myers RF, Opitz 1B, Hanzawa SS, Colvin P

Also, it appears that Abe Almonte is headed to the DL and Shane Brown will be activated.  Almonte was taken out of Tuesday night’s game late and did not play yesterday.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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