Game 125: Pre-Game Notes

7:05 PM — Well, the game hasn’t even started and there’s been two pitching changes.  Dellin Betances was scratched from his start, and Francisco Rondon was slated to take his place.  Then, Betances came running out, Rondon stopped warming up in right field, and he again became the starter. 


Anyway, my story on the players-only meeting that the Thunder held after Tuesday night’s loss will be the feature story in The Trentonian tomorrow.  I also spent about 20 minutes with Cuban outfielder Adonis Garcia before the game — with the help of ticket rep/translator Jeremy Sanders — and you’ll see that soon as well.

4:20 PM — Lineups…


Adonis Garcia, CF
David Adams, 3B
Zoilo Almonte, RF
Luke Murton, 1B
Addison Maruszak, SS
Kevin Mahoney, DH
Rob Segedin, LF
Jose Gil, C
Walter Ibarra, 2B

Dellin Betances, P


Antoan Richardson, CF
Jonathan Schoop, SS
Ty Kelly, LF
Robbie Widlansky, DH
Caleb Joseph, C
Rhyne Hughes, 1B
Buck Britton, 2B
Zelous Wheeler, 3B
Ronnie Welty, RF

Mike Wright, P

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


One Response to “Game 125: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. louie Says:

    Maybe Dellin should have kept running past the bullpen and out towards right field.He is really strugling,could see this kid get traded.The killer B’s are not as promising as they were destined to be.Brackman is gone and playing in A ball for the reds,Dellin gets demoted to AA and Manny is shut down for the year.Not good.

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