Game 136: Pre-Game Notes

6:10 PM — Spoke to Brett Marshall for something you’ll see a little way down the road…he’s your likely Game 1 starter once the playoffs begin.

4:50 PM — Lineups…

Thunder lineup: Garcia CF, Murphy C, Adams 3B, Almonte RF, Murton 1B, Maruszak SS, Mahoney 2B, Segedin LF, Gil DH, Nuno P

NB lineup: Hicks CF, Pinto C, Arcia RF, Colabello 1B, Hanson DH, Romero 3B, Rohlfing LF, Roof 2B, Beresford SS, Hirschfeld P

2:20 PM — Uh, well.  It’s 2:20.  So there’s not  a whole hell of a lot going on here.  Stump Merrill is supervising J.R. Murphy and Jeff Farnham on throwing drills from behind the plate.  That do anything for you?  Yeah, I thought so.  I’ll have lineups and whatnot for you as the day unfolds here in lovely Trenton.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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