Game 1 ELDS: Pre-Game Notes

6:10 PM — The story of the day…there’s always a storyline this time of year…is Austin not playing.  Despite hitting just .188, Rob Segedin finds himself in the lineup, while Austin is out.

“I’m not really surprised about it,” Austin said.  “He’s been here a lot longer than I have and earned the start tonight.  I’m just happy to be up here with these guys, and hopefully we can get a win tonight.”

The lineup decision was one that Tony Franklin struggled with…

“It was just finding room, mostly.  Where am I going to play him,” asked Franklin.

“I think that the guys that have been here deserve an opportunity to play in these games, but that’s not to say that he won’t be used…but that’s not to say that he’s not going to play tonight, a lot can happen.”

In general, the overhauled roster that his squad now features — Austin included — has provided a different element to the series in general.

“Actually, I think it helps us a little bit,” Franklin said.  “I think we’ve added a little speed in the lineup here with Flores and Austin.  The pitching, we’ve got four guys coming down to this part of the season, guys are definitely tired and you never know how games go.  So you’ve got some healthy bodies down there in Tampa to help you out a little bit.  I don’t think it’s altered our team much, I think it’s a pretty good addition.”

4:15 PM — Lineups…no Tyler Austin for the Thunder.  Odd. 

Thunder lineup: Garcia CF, Flores LF, Adams 3B, Almonte RF, Maruszak SS, Murphy C, Mahoney 1B, Segedin DH, Ibarra 2B, Marshall P

Reading lineup: Gillies CF, Asche 3B, Ruf 1B, Fox DH, Hulett 2B, Joseph C, Castro RF, James LF, Hanzawa SS, Hyatt P

3:45 PM — Back again in the Reading press box…updates and lineups when we get them.  As you’ve probably seen by now, David Aardsma is heading to Trenton on a rehab assignment and is slated to throw tomorrow.  No word on if he’ll be here tonight for sure, but if he is, I’ll try to grab a minute with him.

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One Response to “Game 1 ELDS: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. louie Says:

    Maybe he thought Segedin still had some of those High school hits in him,the state record one hundred and eighty one.NOT.

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