ELDS Game 2: Pre-Game Notes

6:20 PM — The questions to Tony Franklin were, for the second straight day, about Tyler Austin not playing.  The answers weren’t much different…specifically when asked how difficult is to find a balance between wanting to keep the guys who have been here a while happy and wanting to win.

“It’s not hard for me, really,” he said.  “I look at it very objectively.  I think that if I keep in mind what I’m supposed to do and how I’m supposed to develop and doing what’s right in my mind, the answer for me is that Segedin has been here.  He’s been a part of this, he’s a part of us getting to where we are right now.  So is Walter.  I think they deserve a chance to play.”

Franklin did admit that he “thought about it for a minute” in regards to possibly pinch-hitting Austin for Ibarra late in last night’s game, but ultimately did not do so.

David Aardsma is slated to pitch his one inning and start, and Shaeffer Hall will pick him up after that.  Also, we spoke to Nik Turley before the game, who is slated to pitch in Game 3. 

Tony Franklin addresses the Thunder media (photo via Eric Lipsman’s Twitter account)

5:00 PM — Lineups…


Garcia, CF
Flores, LF
Adams, 3B
Almonte, RF
Maruszak, SS
Murphy, C
Mahoney, 1B
Segedin, DH
Ibarra, 2B

Aardsma, P


Gillies, CF
Asche, 3B
Ruf, LF
Fox, DH
Hulett, 1B
Joseph, C
Castro, RF
Abreu, 2B
Hanzawa, SS

May, P


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