It’s May Day

Trevor May signing autographs for fans at Waterfront Park earlier this season

READING — For a long time this season, facing Trevor May would have been a clear advantage in the favor of the Trenton Thunder.  Regarded as the Phillies top prospect coming into this season, the 22-year-old righty struggled for the majority of the season, pitching to an ERA over 5.50 in May, June and July after an April in which he went 5-0 and posted just a 2.40 ERA.

But, in his last few starts, May really seemed to turn it around, allowing just one earned run in two of his last three starts of the year, including a seven-inning and season-long eight-inning outing.  “The Most Interesting Man In The Eastern League” has once again established himself as a future major leaguer, and he’ll be facing former big leaguer David Aardsma later tonight at First Energy Stadium.

May granted myself, Josh Norris and Reading beat man Anthony Burkhart a wide-ranging interview on the field yesterday, and here are a few highlights from that…

“I did a lot of work on the mental game, and working on some mechanical things.  Just letting myself be successful, going out every inning and trying to repeat the same things over and over again.  One thing that’s really helped me is after having a couple good innings or a stretch of good batters, just putting yourself in the same position you were during that inning.  So, if you go out and have a good inning, leave yourself in the same frame of mind and go out there and do it again.  Just keeping the same routine and giving yourself the best chance to have the exact same feeling you just had.”

“I’ve thrown against the Yankees dozens of times in my career.  Lots of guys, I know and have seen and I feel like we can come up with a good plan to pitch them just like they’ve seen me several times and they have good plan on how to hit me and what I throw.  It’s all going to come down to who executes better.  If I execute my pitches and stay within myself and pitch my game and get ahead of hitters, it doesn’t matter who we’re playing.  I’ve had success and I’ve had not the greatest starts against them, so it all comes down to who executes better.”

“My confidence is way up, because I’ve seen some positive effects of what I’ve been doing in the results of the games.  I didn’t even start winning that many more games, but I feel like my quality starts have definitely increased.  In my last nine starts or so, I’ve only had one real rough one and one just eh one.  The rest were solid or real good.  I said this at the beginning of the year; it’s always been consistency with me.  It’s something where I’m always finding ways to be consistent, and it’s just pitching and throwing strikes.  All those things come down to how consistently you can repeat your mechanics and go after hitters, and how consistent your mindset is throughout an outing.  All the little nuances of pitching, I’ve tried to make them as consistent as possible.  Having a rough one doesn’t affect me like it used to.  I’m thoroughly confident that I can come back the next start and it won’t affect how I’m about to pitch.  The past won’t affect the future as much.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


4 Responses to “It’s May Day”

  1. kinglear Says:

    Thanks for the coverage, Mike. Went to last night’s game. Think Marshall tired or what was his take on his start? Flores is showing some nice pop, can you ask him about the developing power? Thanks! Go Thunder!

  2. kinglear Says:

    Must have missed them. I’ll check them out. Yes, would love to hear Flores’s thoughts on his AB’s/pop. Thanks!

  3. thunderbaseball Says:

    We did try to speak to Flores, but he needed an interpreter and we never did it…probably tomorrow.

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