ELCS Game 1: Pre-Game Notes

6:15 PM — Lineups…


Garcia, CF
Flores, LF
Adams, 3B
Almonte, RF
Maruszak, SS
Murphy, C
Austin, 1B
Mahoney, 2B
Segedin, DH

Marshall, P


Henry, RF
Holt, CF
Chen, DH
Aguilar, 1B
Lawson, 2B
Abraham, LF
Rohlinger, 3B
Stoneburner, SS
Perez, C

Espino, P

A few nuggets…

First off, this is a great little area and ballpark.  This will of course be construed that I like it better here than I do Trenton and that I hate Trenton as it always is, but no…let me compliment another place on what they do.  Nice ballpark, nice setup, nice area (for the most part) and we’ve been taken care of well here.  Can’t complain.

Two, the talk of the press box has been the Graham Stoneburner vs. Davis Stoneburner matchup…and Josh and I spoke to both of them about that.  You’ll see my story after the game.

Three…Brett Marshall would be lined up for a Game 5 start thanks to the travel day.  It just isn’t official yet.

“If it’s his day, yeah (he’d pitch),” said Thunder manager Tony Franklin.  “He’s the guy who has the most wins in the league and he’s pitched very, very well this season.  We’re very confident with him on the mound, if he has a chance to go in Game 5, yeah (it would be him).”

On the flip side of Marshall, Franklin has three pitchers — Craig Heyer, Josh Romanski and Zach Nuding — who haven’t been used at all this postseason.  He said he’d work them in “when necessary.”

“Whenever it becomes necessary, we’ll use them,” he said.  “Fortunately, we haven’t had to use them.  If you’re using everybody down there, it means you’re not pitching very well.  So fortunately, we’ve done a great job and the guys down there are well rested.”

David Aardsma is scheduled to throw another inning tonight.  Aardsma told Josh and myself after Game 4 of the Reading series that he was slated to throw back to back days, but Franklin was unsure of the plan for tomorrow.

There was also some curiosity about Walter Ibarra coming out of the lineup for this game, despite having played all four games of the Division Series. 

“I made a conscious decision to get Mahoney back in there, I probably don’t even remember what it is right now,” said Franklin.  “We discussed it on the bus and mulled it over as far as who was going to play.  But there was nothing that made me say that Ibarra needs to come out or Mahoney needs to play.”

2:50 PM — Well, Josh and I have arrived at Canal Park.  I’ll have updates and lineups and so forth when available.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


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