ELCS Game 2: Pre-Game Notes

6:15 PM — Not a whole lot of news…

Tony Franklin wouldn’t entirely confirm that Marshall wasn’t starting a possible Game 5, but it sure sounds that way.

“Probably not” was his reply when asked if Marshall would start, and he said an innings cap — Marshall is at a career-high 171 1/3 frames — “may have something to do with it.”

Franklin was, however, definitive in saying that he would be comfortable with Nuding in a deciding game if things played out that way.

“Absolutely,” he said.  “A good pitcher is going to be a good pitcher, it doesn’t matter where he pitches.  I haven’t seen him, but I hadn’t seen a lot of these guys before they got here either, and they turned out to be pretty good guys.  I would suspect Nuding was pretty much the same.  I’d be OK with him starting Game 5, yeah.”

According to Franklin, only an injured player can be replaced on the roster — and it must be position player for position player, etc. — which was asked because Jose Pirela appears to be closer to a return.  However, Franklin said he isn’t ready and would not play.  Pirela is with the team and was working out in the outfield during BP.

Franklin was also unsure of his future going forward, saying he hasn’t thought about a 2013 return yet.

5:00 PM — Spoke to rehabbing Cleveland pitcher Carlos Carrasco, who is slated to start Friday’s Game 3.  Carrasco was originally slated to throw one inning, but told me he’s going to throw two.  T.J. House is still scheduled to back him up.  Carrasco is 12 months removed from Tommy John surgery, and you’ll see his comments in a separate story later on.

3:40 PM — Lineups, which are the exact same as they were yesterday.  Also, in much bigger news…Brett Marshall WILL NOT start a possible Game 5.  Zach Nuding would instead get the ball.  He hasn’t pitched since August 31 in Tampa, when he allowed five runs on ten hits in five innings of work.


Garcia, CF
Flores, LF
Adams, 3B
Almonte, RF
Maruszak, SS
Murphy, C
Austin, 1B
Mahoney, 2B
Segedin, DH

Hall, P


Henry, RF
Holt, CF
Chen, DH
Aguilar, 1B
Lawson, 2B
Abraham, LF
Rohlinger, 3B
Stoneburner, SS
Perez, C

Salazar, P


7 Responses to “ELCS Game 2: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    better win today or you wont have to worry about a game 5 starter. smart move tho Marshall is out of gas

    • Peter Lacock Says:

      Everyone’s worn down this time of year.
      Marshall may be out of gas but he’s still been pitching pretty well.

      • Billy Says:

        Exactly. Brett supposedly “out of gas” is a lot better than any other option. Wait a minute, then they would have to turn to a Tampa guy? Wouldn’t that get Anonymous’ crazy again.

  2. Peter Lacock Says:

    Not a surprise the Yanks want Nuding to get some work. This is bonus baseball for player development.
    I would expect Marshall will be available to back him up though.

  3. louie Says:

    The season comes down to tonight,lose and it’s over.It’s hard to beat anyone three straight even at home.Will be there friday rooting them on like i have all year.Was there in 2010 and seen another team celebrate on there field hope not to see it again.

  4. louie Says:

    8:22 the season ended.See ya.7-1.Get the brooms out.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hey Billy the asshole shut the hell up and figure it out there are several guys who arent out of guys that are gamers but i forgot ur a idiot that doesnt get it

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