ELCS Game 4: Pre-Game Notes

5:30 PM — Rather than explain the Tyler Austin situation from yesterday to you, I’ll simply pass along Tony Franklin’s comments about it…

“I had him in the lineup originally, and he had a little bit of an ankle issue.  He’s had an ankle issue since he’s been here, he’s been icing it and trying to get through it, and he has.  I was a little premature with the lineup, but that’s because I hadn’t talked to (trainer) Scott (DiFrancesco) and I assumed he was going to be OK.  So, I had him in the lineup.  He saw the doctor and the doctor wasn’t sure and took X-Rays and an MRI.  I got him in there because the doctor said he was fine to go.  I sent him out to jog and he wasn’t feeling good, so I got him out of the lineup because we think that’s what’s best for his career.  It doesn’t make any sense to get him in there for one game and risk him hurt himself and damaging himself.  We’ve got time to wait on this youngster.  In my judgment, Scott’s judgment and the Yankees’ judgment, it was best to get him out of the lineup.”

“We’re being very cautious with this injury.  This is something that he’s had this season, and I don’t think it’s career-threatening, but it’s something that needs to be attended to.  The kid could have played, he wanted to play badly.  He came in here and Scott came in with him, and we explained to him the importance of why he shouldn’t play and the benefits of resting and living to play another day.”

“We’re not going to play him, period.  It’s not worth it.  He was fine until he jumped and aggravated in I think the last game in Akron, he was fine and he was ready to play.  But when he says, ‘I feel like if I jump, I’d aggravate it again,’ that’s just common sense to get him out of there.”

“As long as we’ve got one guy on that bench, we’ve got enough.  So the fact that we’ve got two men on the bench, that doesn’t bother me at all.  That happens from time to time.  Yes, it’s late in the season.  I’m sure if we go into tomorrow’s game and someone gets injured, we could replace him right away.  That’s not a problem.  I don’t worry about how many guys we have available, because what we have is enough.”

“We could (replace Austin today), but we’re not.  Why we’re not, I don’t have an answer for you.  We’re fine.  We talked about it within the organization, and I think we’re just fine with what we’ve got.  In an emergency, he could (pinch hit) in an emergency, yes.  But we’re not going to send the kid out there for nine innings to play.””

3:15 PM — Lineups, which are the same as yesterday…

Thunder lineup: Garcia CF, Flores LF, Adams 3B, Almonte RF, Maruszak SS, Murphy C, Mahoney 1B, Segedin DH, Ibarra 2B, Turley P.

Aeros lineup: Henry RF, Holt CF, Chen DH, Aguilar 1B, Lawson 2B, Abraham LF, Rohlinger 3B, Stoneburner SS, Perez C, Murata P

That means no Tyler Austin, whose season may be over if I’m reading into yesterday’s lineup debacle properly.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


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