Game 7: Pre-Game Notes

6:10 PM — Well, it’s another home opener in Trenton…this is my eighth, and this kicks off my tenth season here overall.  Anyway, it’s going to take me a few games to get into mid-season form, but let me pass along some pre-game comments from manager Tony Franklin, delivered from his new office.

** “We jumped out of the box with a tremendous offensive attack, and it puts a scare in me a little bit, because you start wondering, ‘Hey, are we going to be able to do this every night?’  After last year’s team hit all the home runs we did, and here we follow it up with another offensive attack.  But we came back to Earth, and I kind of suspected that was going to happen.  The games that we lost, we didn’t play so well in.”

** “They’ll start showing some signs of what they can do consistently somewhere here in the next two and a half to three weeks or so.I have to kind of caution myself to not look for too much, caution myself to realize they’re youngsters in this game at this level, and they’re trying to find their way.  The weather is a little bit cold, and baseball players don’t typically play that well in cold weather.  They’re just trying to keep themselves above water, and they’ll figure it out once it gets a little better.”

** “(Medchill) started the season here swinging the bat pretty good.  It was good for him to get off to a good start and get some momentum going.”

** “It’s a new role for (Rondon), and being young in this role, it’s going to take some time for him to make some adjustments.  He’s had one start, and he was pretty good.  I think the reason he’s starting is that people in this organization think he can be that good.  He’s got a very good arm, he put himself on the map last year…his changeup has really gotten good.  I don’t think he’s added much, it’s that he’s developed.  His changeup has good bottom to it, it looks like a slider almost.  With his ability to throw the ball hard, I think having something offspeed is to his benefit.”

** ”

— I also spoke with Matt Tracy for something you’ll see Saturday.

4:00 PM — Lineups…

Trenton: Heathcott CF, Flores LF, Austin RF, Murphy C, Roller 1B, Segedin 3B, Pirela 2B, Medchill DH, Ibarra SS, Nuding P

Richmond: Adrianza SS, Panik 2B, Herrera LF, Duvall 3B, Minicozzi DH, Oropesa 1B, Parker RF, Susac C, Lollis CF, Rogers P

2:30 PM — Here’s what the field looks like for the 20th home opener in Thunder history…plenty of notes upcoming.


Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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