Game 11: Pre-Game Notes

5:50 PM — Just came back up from the clubhouse, so here are the lineups…

Thunder lineup: Flores CF, Pirela 2B, Austin RF, Murphy C, Roller DH, Segedin 3B, Medchill LF, Mahoney 1B, Ibarra SS, Turley P

Akron lineup: Holt CF, Ramirez 2B, Chen DH, Aguilar 1B, Latimore LF, Rodriguez SS, Lawson 3B, Lucas C, Cid RF, Salazar P

Also, manager Tony Franklin says outfielder Slade Heathcott is still “day-to-day” with his stiff neck.  Didn’t see Slade in the clubhouse today, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t in there.

As for more nationally relevant events…the CNN feed was on in the clubhouse, with several players watching things unfold.  Franklin said he’d only been to Boston twice as a “tourist,” although he made sure to check out Fenway Park, and that he planned on addressing the team about the explosion(s) before the game.  The Thunder, a former Red Sox affiliate, are also planning on having a moment of silence prior to first pitch.

“When this initially came on, I’m thinking, ‘What’s going on here,” Franklin said.  “This is the last thing that we need with our country and the citizens of Boston…I just hope we don’t have a repeat of what happened with 9/11, I’m pretty sure that’s on everybody’s mind.  Right now, baseball is a little secondary.  But at seven o’clock, we’re going to lace them up.”

4:20 PM — Really not a lot to say, and nothing really positive to tell you in general.  My thoughts are very much so on what’s happening in Boston at the moment, with sickening events evidently continuing to unfold after an explosion at the finish line at the Boston Marathon.

Boston is my favorite city in the world.  I love it there.  It’s no secret that I grew up as a Red Sox fan — which is a direct result of going to Thunder games as a kid, which is when they were affiliated with Boston — and I’ve been to Boston many times in many different capacities.  To think about what’s going on there — I’d last been out that way at the end of January and was planning a possible trip on Friday — makes me absolutely sick.  Hoping for the absolute best for anyone involved in what appears to be a terrible, terrible tragedy.

I’ll have lineups when I get them as well as a feature on Neil Medchill later tonight.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


2 Responses to “Game 11: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. Peter Lacock Says:

    Well said Mike.
    We are all Bostonians today.
    I just vacationed there 2 1/2 weeks ago.
    Our family is from the Midwest but my brother has lived there for the last 30 years. He was at the finish line in 2011. Thankfully not yesterday. I hope those MFers get justice. Torture is too good for them. I’d love to have a shot at them.

    I did not know you were a Bosox fan. I’ve read your blog, I believe thoroughly, for several years, maybe 5 or 6. Did you tweet it? That explains some of your bad moods. HA!

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    I’m not anymore, to be honest…honestly, you do this long enough, and that all just goes away.

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