Game 22: Post-Game Notes

Let us never speak of that game again. Trenton struck out 13 times, managed three hits, and didn’t have anyone reach base against Sea Dogs starter Anthony Ranaudo until the fifth inning en route to a lifeless 6-0 loss on Saturday night.

Zach Nuding struggled for the Thunder at times, but could have wiggled out of it not for his doing; he threw the ball away on two separate occasions, both of them leading to runs.

“We didn’t do ourselves any favors tonight, that’s for sure,” said Thunder manager Tony Franklin. “And the kid that pitched for them tonight, we couldn’t afford to do that with the way he was throwing. We hurt ourselves pretty bad tonight.”

Ranaudo hurt the Thunder more than they hurt themselves, however. Nuding, who said that while it bothered him that he didn’t help himself tonight, it was somewhat of a relief that he knows that the problem is his own and fixable, also was well aware of what was taking place on the other mound.

“It doesn’t so much put pressure on you, but there is definitely a momentum that a team will have,” Nuding said. “Ranaudo pitched awesome, I think. I thought he did a great job, and naturally that’s going to give a team momentum when they see that their pitcher is out there dealing the way he is. Guys at the plate are going to be a little bit more relaxed in a sense, because they see what their pitcher is out there doing for them.”

And Ranaudo did a lot. He struck out a career-high nine batters through six scoreless frames, and seems to have rededicated himself after a rough 2012 season.

“Last year kind of opened some eyes for me,” he said. “Obviously, I had some injuries and stuff, but I didn’t have success when I was on the field. So I kind of learned a lot about pitching and about myself. So I made some adjustments in my pitching and also physical adjustments; I gained some weight and I learned a lot about my body through those injuries. I’ve had a pretty good routine this year, I just need to keep it going, stay healthy and stay on the field and keep these results going the best I can.”

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