Game 53: Pre-Game Notes (Youkilis, Teixeira Rehabs)

9:30 AM — Lineups…

Thunder lineup: Flores LF, Heathcott CF, Youkilis 3B, Teixeira 1B, Austin RF, Murphy C, Pirela DH, Corona 2B, Castillo SS, Nuding P

Erie lineup: Suarez SS, Perez 2B, Fields CF, Collins RF, Gaynor 3B, Robbins 1B, Castillo DH, Lemon LF, Maggard C, Cooper P

9:00 AM — There’s not much that’s going to be gained from an info standpoint before one of these things, especially when neither player is available to the media before the game.

According to Tony Franklin, the plan is still for each player to play here today and tomorrow, and then things will be re-evaluated.

8:30 AM — Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis are here. Teixeira is wearing 25, hitting third and playing first base. Youkilis is wearing 36, hitting fourth and playing third base. Each will play seven innings, and then be subjected to talking to us media folk afterwards.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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