Game 73: Pre-Game Notes

6:20 PM — Spoke extensively with Andrew Clark, who was signed by the Yankees out of the Frontier League and assigned to Trenton yesterday.  His story is absolutely remarkable.  You’ll see it tomorrow.

3:35 PM — Thunder lineup: Flores LF, Heathcott CF, Austin RF, Roller 1B, Angelini SS, Clark DH, Corona 3B, Pirela 2B, Arcia C, O’Brien P

Portland lineup: Hissey LF, Wilkerson CF, Cecchini 3B, Almanzar DH, Shaw 1B, Thomas 2B, Linares RF, Vazquez C, Gibson SS, Haeger P

Hey, remember when I covered this team?  Yeah.  It’s been a little while since I’ve been here…I missed my old spot in the press box.  But it’s been a blast covering the Stanley Cup Final — I’m taking Game 5 off since there’s no chance of covering the Cup itself — and I can’t wait to get back to Boston on Monday for Game 6.

Anyway, a LOT has changed since I was last at the ballpark.  In are/were: Scottie Allen (sent to Tampa already), Rigoberto Arrebato, Andrew Clark, Francisco Arcia, Jeff Farnham, Sean Black, Cesar Cabral and Shane Greene.  Out are/were: Jose Ramirez, J.R. Murphy, Matt Tracy, Neil Medchill and Caleb Cotham.  Got all that?

Oh, and Michael Pineda rehabs here on Tuesday.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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