Game 76: Pre-Game Notes (Michael Pineda Rehab)

5:50 PM — Just got back from Boston. Lineups…


Corona 3B
Heathcott CF
Austin RF
Roller 1B
Angelini SS
Clark DH
Pirela 2B
Arcia C
Brown LF

Pineda P


Johnson CF
Suarez SS
Perez 2B
McCann C
Collins DH
Gaynor 3B
Robbins 1B
Castillo RF
Lemon LF

Larez P

Talked to Tyler Austin a little bit about the rehabbing Pineda…

“It’s still the same game. We still have to go out, play hard, do the right things and try to get a W tonight. But I’m excited about having him here pitching for us. It’s going to be a fun time, I’ve never seen him pitch.”

“You just try to see what (big league P’s) are doing, what their tendencies are. Hopefully, I’m not facing him any time soon. But it’s always fun to watch these guys pitch and try to learn a few things here and there.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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