Game 86: Pre-Game Notes

5:55 PM — Eduardo Nunez will have four at-bats or play seven innings today, we’ll see which. He told us that he feels like he needs a few more games before he’s ready for the big leagues, but he physically feels good. Tony Franklin told us he expects Nunez to at least be here through tomorrow.

4:10 PM — I’ve got lineups…

Thunder lineup: Nunez SS, Flores DH, Heathcott CF, Austin RF, Clark 1B, Pirela 2B, Stevenson 3B, Grice LF, Arcia C, Greene P

Reading lineup: Mitchell DH, Collier CF, Franco 3B, Murphy 1B, Dugan RF, Cartwright 2B, Suomi C, Hewitt LF, Duran SS, Colvin P

In addition, 1B Kyle Roller has been placed on the disabled list with an ankle sprain. The roster, minus Michael Pineda (still not transferred to Scranton) and Eduardo Nunez, stands at 24 players, which is one short of the league maximum.


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