Game 87: Pre-Game Notes

6:00 PM — Spoke to Tommy Phelps a little bit, and what I wrote earlier is accurate. Turley is being set up for the All-Star Game, and then he’ll be back to normal after that. It’s not an innings issue or anything like that.

4:15 PM — I’ve got lineups and stuff.

Thunder lineup: Flores CF, Heathcott DH, Austin RF, Angelini SS, Corona 3B, Pirela 2B, Stevenson 1B, Grice LF, Arcia C, Turley P

Reading lineup: Mitchell LF, Collier CF, Franco 3B, Murphy 1B, Dugan RF, Joseph C, Cartwright 2B, Henson DH, Duran SS, Buchanan P

As for that Turley fellow I mentioned, Nik will likely only spin two or three innings tonight so he can throw one in the upcoming Eastern League All-Star Game.

3:05 PM — So, there’s some news. Eduardo Nunez somewhat unexpectedly got transferred from Trenton to the big leagues today, despite saying he’d need a few more games to be fully prepared. So, there’s that.

And Michael Pineda was finally formally moved to Triple-A Scranton.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

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