Game 101: Pre-Game Notes

6:10 PM — So, the topic of the day was, of course, the appearances by Hideki Matsui and Reggie Jackson in Trenton. Matsui threw BP, which led to a few players having some memorable moments a few hours before game time…

“I hit a couple off of him,” joked first baseman Kyle Roller.

“I was talking to (Andrew Clark), and he was like, ‘This organization is crazy, because all these big time guys are always constantly around you.’ He said he didn’t get that in Texas. It’s always fun to have them here.”

How much you wish to gain from the presence of Mr. October or Godzilla seems to be up to you.

“What a day. It don’t get any better than that,” Thunder manager Tony Franklin remarked.

“I hope (it helps them). (Reggie) did some very good things here, and you can say that about all the guys who’ve come through here on a rehabilitation assignment as well. There are some great things that these guys did, and I hope that they do take the time to find out what they’ve done. They’ve got these fancy phones and computers and whatnot, and the information is at their fingertips…hit Google.”

4:40 PM — Today is a bit bizarre. Really, most days in this line of work are, but this day moreso than usual.


Hideki Matsui is, as I reported, here and threw a round of BP. He is not speaking with the media, nor is he available to fans. So…as you were, folks. As you were.

Apparently, it’s World Series MVP day, as Reggie Jackson has shown up here as well.

Lineups? Yeah, I got your lineups right here.

Thunder lineup: Flores LF, Heathcott CF, Pirela 2B, Roller DH, Sanchez RF, Clark 1B, Angelini SS, Corona 3B, Farnham C, Black P

Altoona lineup: Rojas, Jr. LF, Tejeda 3B, Polanco CF, Dickerson RF, Howard 1B, Cunningham 2B, Cutler DH, Paulino C, Maggi SS, Navarro P

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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