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Ashmore: Why Does Nobody Care About Andy Pettitte?

February 13, 2008

As I watch Brian McNamee and Thunder pitcher for a day Roger Clemens get grilled by Congress, I find it endlessly interesting about how Andy Pettitte seems to be getting a free pass from the public.

While it seems it can’t definitively be proved that Clemens did or didn’t do anything, Pettitte has admitted to HGH use.  While all indications are that Clemens has thrown his last pitch, Pettitte is an active Major Leaguer who is currently under contract with the New York Yankees.

Will he face any punishment from Major League Baseball?  How about the Yankees?

As someone who very infrequently gets to cover Major League games, I have very little personal experience with both Pettitte and Clemens, but understand both have very good reputations with the media.  Specifically with Pettitte, I witnessed an exchange with a reporter who mistakenly asked him a question before the game on the day of one of his starts — which is a known no-no.  Once the reporter either realized that or Pettitte informed him of this, the reporter profusely apologized, but Pettitte informed the reporter that it was OK, and encouraged him to interview him.

So at least with Pettitte, considering that example, I can understand his reputation.  But still, I wonder why there has been little scrutiny on him.  It was almost comical to me that an admitted cheater was called “a role model on and off the field” by Congress.

The focus is clearly on whether Clemens did or didn’t do what he’s been accused of, but do his denials make him worse than Pettitte — who has admitted to HGH use?  I have no issue with either Pettitte or Clemens, but just wonder why the focus is solely on Clemens, who…hard as it is to believe, may have never done anything.

Your thoughts are welcomed…

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