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Thunder Announce All 15 Year Team

April 7, 2008

C: Dioner Navarro

INF: Tony Clark, Robinson Cano, Nomar Garciaparra, Kevin Youkilis, Pork Chop Pough

OF: Kevin Thompson, Melky Cabrera, Brett Gardner

P: Phil Hughes, Justin Pope, Joba Chamberlain, Scott Patterson, Chien-Ming Wang, Carl Pavano, Ron Mahay, Corey Spencer, Jeff Suppan, Joe Hudson

Manager: Tony Franklin

We will continue our breakdown of the starting pitching, relief pitching and manager ballots shortly…let’s see if the fans made the right choices.

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The Wanger Gets The Nod Today *UPDATED*

March 6, 2008

Peter Abraham’s got the lineups posted for today’s spring training game against the Cincinnati Reds, and Chien-Ming Wang gets the nod on the mound.

Wang’s nickname was “Tiger” back when he was with Trenton.  I don’t think I’ve heard that used since he’s been with the Yankees.  Wonder if he still has it…

Looks like four other Thunder alums will see the field at some point, so check out those lineups…

UPDATED: Chien-Ming Wang’s line today: 0.2 IP, 6 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 2 BB, 0 K

Scott Patterson came in and got the next four outs.  Kyle Farnsworth and Darrell Rasner have been in since.  The Wanger got crushed.  Yes, it’s just spring training, but the Yankees pitching has struggled a little bit so far this year.

The Reds are just crushing the Yankees at this point.  It’s 10-0 in the 5th.  Rasner gave up a grand slam to Edwin Encarnacion after walking the bases loaded.

Cincinnati held on to win 12-8.

Statistics of note…

Juan Miranda: 0-2
Francisco Cervelli: 0-1, R, BB, K
Jose Tabata: 0-0, R, BB
Austin Jackson: 1-3, R, RBI
Brett Gardner: 0-3
Justin Christian: 0-1
Alberto Gonzalez: 0-2

Chien-Ming Wang: 0.2 IP, 6 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 2 BB, 0 K
Scott Patterson: 1.1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 1 K
Sean Henn: 1.0 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 2 K

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

In the meantime…

January 3, 2008

As a reporter, but especially in my many years as a fan, you tend to notice that there are some things that some teams do better than others.  For example, the Thunder have consistently had the best giveaways in the area, and this season will be no different.  A steady supply of bobbleheads, player-themed giveaways, and of course the ever popular fireworks nights (a nightmare for the press for a variety of reasons, by the way) litter the Trenton schedule this season.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights…

April 10th: Fireworks and Desktop Championship Ring Replicas (First 2,000 fans)

April 14th: All 15 Year Team Card Pack, Volume One (First 1,500 fans)

April 25th: Thunder Championship Hats (First 1,500 fans)

April 26th: Joba Chamberlain Youth Jersey Night (First 1,000 fans, ages 5-15)

May 27th: Robinson Cano Bobbleheads (First 2,000 fans, ages 6 and up)

May 28th: Shelley Duncan Bobbleheads (First 2,000 fans, ages 6 and up)

June 10th: Yankee T-Shirt Night (First 1,000 fans)

June 11th: Bobblehead (to be determined) (First 2,000 fans, ages 6 and up)

June 12th: Camouflage Jersey Auction and Fireworks

June 20th: Thunder Card Set Giveaway (First 1,500 fans)

June 23rd: All 15 Year Team Card Pack, Volume Two (First 1,500 fans)

June 25th: Chien-Ming Wang Bobblehead (First 2,000 fans, ages 6 and up)

June 30th: All 15 Year Team Card Pack, Volume Three (First 1,500 fans)

July 3rd: American Flag Jersey Auction

July 8th: 15th Season Collectors Yearbook Night (First 1,500 fans, ages 18+)

July 9th: Phil Hughes Bobblehead (First 2,000 fans, ages 6 and up)

July 25th: Thunder Championship Banners (First 2,000 fans)

July 27th: Melky Cabrera Thunder Youth Jersey Night (First 1,500 fans, ages 5-15)

July 28th: All 15 Year Team Card Pack, Volume Four (First 1,500 fans)

July 30th: Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy Dual Bobblehead (First 2,000 fans, ages 6 and up)

August 8th: Tony Franklin Eastern League Champion Bronze Statue (First 2,000 fans)

August 13th: Ian Kennedy Bobblehead (First 2,000 fans, ages 6 and up)

August 20th: Bobblehead (to be determined) (First 2,000 fans, ages 6 and up)

August 31st: Fan Appreciation/Joba Chamberlain Player Statue (First 2,000 fans)

As you can see, there are quite a few neat items that the team is giving away this year, and there were a lot more that I didn’t mention.  Logo baseballs, other kids-themed giveaways and so on.  There are a bunch more fireworks nights as well, but again, fireworks are to my job are what someone like Lumberg from Office Space would be to yours.

Yeeeeeeeeeah, I’m gonna hafta go ahead and try to talk to you while loud explosions are going off in every direction, mmmmkay?  And then, if you could go ahead and make me listen to the audio of the conversation with the fireworks making loud popping noises in my ears so that it’s impossible to understand what you’re saying, that would be greeeeeeeeeat.

Anyway, my personal favorite of the bunch would have to be the Kennedy & Chamberlain dual bobblehead, that’s a pretty neat idea that’s been used by other teams in the minor leagues.

I do try to get as many items as I can — and to be clear, I get them by purchasing tickets like everybody else…the Thunder do not provide their giveaway items to the media as many teams do, the Yankees included — and if I get any extras, I might be able to give them away in some sort of contest depending on the popularity of this blog…so stay tuned for that.

For the complete schedule, check out the Thunder’s website.

Check back tomorrow for #20 in my countdown to the best moment for the Thunder in 2007.

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