If You Had To Make A 25-Man Roster Using Just Yankees Prospects…

OK, so I’m stealing an old idea…but at least I’m stealing it from myself.

Back in 2009, I posed the same question on here: If you had to put together a 25-man roster using only Yankees prospects, who would you use?  Pretty typical layout…starting nine with a DH, five starters and then fill out the remaining 11 spots in a logical way.  You can cheat and have a starter as a long man, etc.

The only requirements are that the player must have MLB Rookie of the Year eligibility…so he can have MLB time under his belt.  There were, under the original premise, two curiosities that got satisfied with this…

Which players will get left out?  And could this team, in theory, beat the worst team in the big leagues right now?

So, this is where it’s up to you…tell me in the comments which players you’d use…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


10 Responses to “If You Had To Make A 25-Man Roster Using Just Yankees Prospects…”

  1. Michael DeCorrevont Says:

    25-Man Roster 2012

    Austin Romine – C
    Jorge Vazquez – 1B
    Corban Joseph- 2B
    Brandon Laird-3B
    Cito Culver – SS
    Dan Brewer-OF
    Raymond Kruml-OF
    Austin Krum-OF
    Cody Johnson-DH

    Manny Banuelos-LHP
    Boone Logan – LHP
    Dellin Betances-RHP
    Tim Norton-RHP
    Adam Warren-RHP

    Pat Venditte-L&RHP
    Ryan Pope-RHP
    Grant Duff-RHP
    Adam Warren-RHP
    Shaeffer Hall-RHP
    Chase Whitley-RHP

    Gary Sanchez-C
    Bradley Suttle-IF
    Addison Maruszak-IF
    Colin Curtis-OF
    Damon Sublett-OF

    This is the best I can come up with the prospects I know of. I had a very hard time coming up with SS. So I put Krum in because with all the young guys we need some kind of experience. I think I have a great starting rotation and my bullpen looks good too. I put Venditte in for fun he will sell seats and he was getting very good as a closer or set up man. This was fun thanks for giving us the opportunity. Let’s get back to baseball!!! See you at Park.

  2. Robert Says:

    You Forgot Mason Williams CF

  3. Tom from Philly. Says:

    I would say mike nailed it.

  4. Peter Lacock Says:

    Starting 9
    Austin Romine-C
    Brandon Laird-1B
    David Adams-2B
    Tyler Austin-3B
    Jose Pirela-SS
    Ravel Santana-RF
    Mason Williams-CF
    Colin Curtis-LF
    Jorge Vazquez-DH

    5 SP’s
    David Phelps
    Adam Warren
    DJ Mitchell
    Manny Banuelos
    Brett Marshall

    Kyle Higashioka-C
    J.R. Murphy-UTL
    Ronnier Mustelier-UTL
    Kevin Russo-UTL

    Kevin Whelan-CL
    Dellin Betances
    George Kontos
    Ryan Pope
    Mark Montgomery
    Nik Turley-L
    Graham Stoneburner

    Last 15 off
    Gary Sanchez
    Rob Segedin
    Angelo Gumbs
    Corban Joseph
    Cito Culver
    Dante BIchette
    Dan Brewer
    Ray Kruml
    Austin Krum
    Zoilo Almonte
    Ramon Flores
    Dan Burawa
    Shaeffer Hall
    Chase Whitley
    Pat Venditte

    Manager-PJ Pilittere

    If this were a 40 man there’d be a few more pitchers in the last 15 group.
    I almost had Joseph, Krum & Kruml instead of Austin, Williams & Santana starting and Brewer instead of Murphy on the bench but I figured I’d go with some upside since this team wouldn’t beat anyone anyway.
    In fact I’d bet they’d challenge all records for losing.
    There is some good pitching though so they’d stay in some games and in a couple few years when they start hitting they’d be kickin ass.

  5. Tri-State Yanks Says:

    I’ll break this down position by position on my blog tonight if anyone wants to know my reasoning, but here’s the basic roster for now.

    C – Austin Romine
    1B – Jorge Vazquez
    2B – Angelo Gumbs
    3B – Tyler Austin
    SS – Cito Culver
    OF – Ravel Santana
    OF – Mason Williams
    OF – Slade Heathcott
    DH – Cody Johnson

    3B/OF – Rob Segedin
    C – Gary Sanchez
    IF – Jose Pirela
    OF – Dan Brewer
    UT – J.R. Murphy

    SP – Manny Banuelos
    SP – Dellin Betances
    SP – David Phelps
    SP – Graham Stoneburner
    SP – Brett Marshall

    CL – Chase Whitley
    SU – Kevin Whelan
    RP – George Kontos
    RP – Ryan Pope
    RP – Nik Turley
    LR – Adam Warren

  6. A 25-man roster of only Yankees prospects « Tri-State Yanks Says:

    […] Ashmore over at Thunderbaseball posed an interesting challenge to readers today. Come up with a 25-man roster of Yankee minor […]

  7. Robert Says:

    Does anyone know why Kevin Russo and Mason Williams were not invited to camp??

    • Peter Lacock Says:

      In a nutshell,
      they haven’t earned it.

      Russo earned it once before, but not today.
      Williams is in a boat with about 100 guys that are just too far away.

  8. champ809 Says:

    this is the way I’d set it up, all upside….

    C – Gary Sanchez
    1B – Tyler Austin
    2B – Dave Adams
    3B – Dante Bichette Jr.
    SS – Claudio Custodio
    RF – Ravel Santana
    CF – Mason Williams
    LF – Slade Heathcott
    DH – Jorge Vazquez

    3B/OF –Brandon Laird
    C – JR Murphy
    IF – Cito Colver
    OF – Abraham Almonte
    UT – Melky Mesa

    SP – Manny Banuelos
    SP – Dellin Betances
    SP – Jose Campos
    SP – Graham Stoneburner
    SP – Brett Marshall

    CL – Mark Montgomery
    SU – Tim Norton
    RP – George Kontos
    RP – Jose Ramirez
    RP – Nik Turley
    LR – Adam Warren

  9. B.J. Says:

    It’s really hard to say because is it supposed to be a team that has the best chance to win now or the best chance to win in the future? I did a little bit of both. Anyway, this is my team.

    C – Austin Romine
    1B – Jorge Vazquez (big power bat)
    2B – Corban Joseph
    3B – Brandon Laird
    SS – Jose Pirela (only decent short stop prospect in the system)
    RF – Zoilo Almonte (has a cannon for an arm)
    CF – Melky Mesa
    LF – Cody Johnson (big power bat)
    DH – Gary Sanchez ( has a lot of potential)

    B – David Adams
    B – J.R. Murphy
    B – Austin Krum (great speed and defense)
    B – Colin Curtis

    SP – Dellins Betances
    SP – Manny Banuelos
    SP – Adam Warren
    SP – D.J. Mitchell
    SP – David Phelps

    CL – Pat Venditte
    SU – Chase Whitley
    RHP – Grant Duff
    RHP- Tim Norton
    LHP – Shaeffer Hall
    LHP – Cesar Cabral (lefty specialist)
    LR – Graham Stoneburner

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